Binkys Paintless Dent Removal !

“Paint less dent removal is the art of removing dings and dents without having to repaint. How do you keep your original paint which is a higher value for the car prices start at $125 for the first ding if you have multiple dings. The second and third one start at $10 apiece maybe $20 apiece depending on size and location.”


The outside of the car is first scrubbed down with a claybar to remove all grease, crime, dirt, & oxidation once the surface is smooth I wax with a buffer. Vehicle comes out soft as silk good for 6 months. If you do a 3 step wax job compound, polish & wax 4.5 hrs more labor around $250-$450 depending on size & condition job will last anywhere from 1-2 years if kept garged very hard labor products are very expensive and need lots of experience to use. Chemicals I use only the best. Very exspensive. Farcela–best compunds, polishes ,wax 3M– very good compound & polishes.

Waxing polish 125 clay waxes additional step $90 steps are:
– Claybar 60 minutes
– 2nd polishing compound $90
– 3rd polish 90 minutes $90
– 4th glaze 1hr 90 minutes $90
– 5th wax meguairs m21 synthetic wax
Time wise on complete detail around 6 hrs price $275-$450 depending on size and color gurntee for 3 years.

Paintless Dent Removal :

We remove coin sized dents to extra large basket ball sized dents. First coin sized ding starts from $99 for the first ding. After the first ding, others will be charged at $5, $10, $15, $20, $25 depending on the size and location.

Dent Repair :

Golfball Sized, Baseball Sized, Basket ball Size, $150-$175-$225-$350.

Paint Repair :

1st Panel $350 2nd Panel $200 3rd Panel $170 Includes small repairs.

Bumper sport repairs :

$200 Includes all small repairs.

Waxing & Posishing :

$79-$120-$150 Includes 3 step claybar, polish & wax.

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